Thursday, November 11, 2010

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z CW

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Z CW
Harga Yamaha Scorpio Baru
Yamaha Scorpio Type: Yamaha Scorpio Z CW Harga 23.500.000

Harga Yamaha Scorpio Bekas / Second
Yamaha Scorpio Type:-Scorpio ZW , Tahun 2003 – 2008, Harga 9 – 16 Juta
-Scorpio Z, Tahun 2006 – 2008, Harga 12.5 – 16.5 Juta

Harga Motor Yamaha Scorpio Z Baru dan Bekas (Second). Yamaha Scorpio Z is one of the brand action touring motorcycle produced by Yamaha Motor Indonesia. Yamaha Scorpio based on 225 cc engine, SOHC, 4 Tak, the apparatus is claimed tough, powerful, durable, and economical ammunition consumption.

Information Summary

Yamaha Scorpio comes if Honda Tiger has become a brilliant motorcycle in 200 cc and above. Tiger neoclassic architecture of alignment with the architecture of all-embracing Honda motors such as CB600 R for example, harder to exhausted by the minimalist attending of Scorpio.

The alone advantage of Scorpio is a rear abeyance of monocross type, but it was afresh was admired as a weakness, the motor is beneath able than the motor with shockbraker stereo.

Currently Scorpio alone bound to basal actual modification Supermoto or motard bike with the acumen has added ambience Enduro / because minimalist architecture and the monocross.


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