Monday, April 30, 2007

Nissan 350Z Upgraded Engine

Nissan has announced the price of the new 350Z, with its uprated engine, to give a starting figure of £26,795 OTR for the Coupe and £28,295 OTR for the Roadster, representing an increase of only £300. This also includes the recently announced rise in road tax (up £90) and the first registration fee (up £12). Vehicle deliveries are expected to start from mid May.

Changes to the award winning 350Z include an 80% new engine which has meant, due to its taller stance, that the front bonnet has had to be discreetly redesigned with a slightly raised profile, giving it a look reminiscent of the original 240Z. There are also three new exterior colours on offer – Temper Orange, replacing Sunset, which contains a subtle green “flip” when seen in soft light conditions. Twilight Grey and Night Blue complete the new shades replacing Gun Metal Grey and Azure Blue respectively. Solid Red, Universal Silver and Ebisu Black continue to remain available.

Inside, a new no cost option trim has been introduced called Frost. It has a pale grey tone and adds a touch of sophistication to the car’s interior. On the Roadster the frost trim can be ordered with a new grey coloured roof hood, also at no extra cost, replacing the previous availability of blue.

Safety and on road refinement has also been improved with the fitment of Active Headrests, to minimise the chances of neck injury in the event of a rear impact, plus the change over to Bridgestone Potenza RE050A tyres which aid refinement without losing any level of grip.

An illuminated ignition switch is the only other change made to the new model with all other levels of equipment remaining unchanged. As a memory jogger these include 18” RAYS forged alloy wheels, voice prompted phone activation with Bluetooth, gear change indicator, climate control air-conditioning, 6 CD auto-changer with cassette facility and 4 speakers. Keeping you safe on the road are anti-lock brakes with Switchable Electronic Stability Control, bi-xenon headlamps plus, should they be needed, front, side and curtain airbags.

The GT pack which is a further £2500 includes heated and electric powered leather sports seats, a 240W Bose radio / cassette 6 CD autochanger with 7 speakers including a 10” sub woofer and audio pilot noise compensation technology, and cruise control. Alezan orange interior is a further £400 and if you want Birdview Satellite navigation then add £1200.

The HR in the engine code stands for High Revolution and High Response designed to improve the overall acceleration, feel and sound of the unit. Power is increased by 13PS giving a total of 313PS at 6800rpm with a further 500rpm added to the top end of the rev range – now standing at 7500rpm. However, the real difference will be noticed lower down with 90% of the 358Nm torque (up 5Nm) being achieved at just 2000rpm (maximum at 4800rpm). These changes allow performance figures to improve with 0.1 of a second shaved off the 0-62mph time which means the Coupe now takes 5.7 seconds and the roadster 6.1. And, there is no change to either the combined fuel consumption figure or the CO2 emissions; 24.1mpg and 280g/km respectively for the coupe and 23.5mpg and 288g/km for the Roadster.

725 bhp Street Legal Shelby GT500 Super Snakes Edition

Shelby Automobiles will use newly-developed Ford Racing GT500 performance packs to help transform a limited number of 2007 and 2008 Ford Shelby GT500’s into fire breathing “Super Snake” coupes. The Super Snake post-title package will include enhancements to the Ford Shelby GT500’s handling, styling and power; tuning options will range from a warranted 600 bhp V8 to over 725 bhp (unwarranted). Only a limited number of Super Snakes will be built per model year at the Shelby Automobiles facility in Las Vegas beginning in late 2007.

“My team at Shelby Automobiles is always working on new ways to build better performing cars” said Carroll Shelby. “I told them that I wanted to build a vehicle that could blow the doors off of most anything on the planet. By partnering with Ford Racing, we’re giving enthusiasts a Mustang with that level of performance.”

Working together at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway and in Dearborn, Ford Racing and Team Shelby developed the aggressive suspension and engine package specifically for the car.

“Mustang enthusiasts are demanding more from both Ford Racing and Shelby Autos” said Jamie Allison, Manager of Ford Racing Performance Group. “The GT500 Super Snake package, with its higher horsepower levels and balanced track-inspired tuning, satisfies those demands and then some … in a uniquely Ford – Shelby way.”

In 1967, Shelby American built one 427-powered GT500 “Super Snake” for Mel Burns Ford. Carroll Shelby drove it at the Goodyear test track for tire promotion film production. That car reached lap speeds of over 150 mph and a top speed of 170 mph. The new Ford Shelby GT500 Super Snake will be equally potent.

“The name ‘Super Snake’ is legendary because the one that Shelby built was the pinnacle of muscle cars in 1967,” added Amy Boylan, president of Shelby Automobiles. “We’re bringing that concept forward 40 years for customers who own a Ford Shelby GT500. We’ll give their car amazing new capabilities.”

Ford Racing and Team Shelby developed the GT500 Super Snake package which will include:
Ford Racing Supercharger upgrade kit (SuperPack 600) producing over 600 horsepower and 590 lb-ft of torque
6-speed manual transmission with 3.73:1 rear axle ratio
Ford Racing performance exhaust system
Ford Racing Handling Pack offering unique performance suspension tuning including Dynamic adjustable dampers, lowering springs, tuned stabilizer bars, and front strut tower brace
Shelby-designed Alcoa 20-inch wheels
Ford Racing short-throw shifter
Baer 6 piston brakes with Shelby cast calipers and larger rotors
Front brake cooling ducts
Unique carbon composite hood featuring classic Shelby design
‘Shelby’ lettering across the front edge of hood and rear decklid
'Super Snake' vehicle badging
Carroll Shelby signature embroidered headrests, floor mats and other Shelby designed components
Official Shelby CSM dash plate

In addition, while the full Super Snake package will be available exclusively through Shelby Automobiles, many of the products comprising the Super Snake package will be available from Shelby Automobiles and Ford Racing starting in June.

Alfa Romeo Autodelta GT Super Evo

Alfa Romeo enthusiasts’ attention worldwide has over the last year has been firmly focused on the “new breed” of exciting Alfa Romeo models. And at the same time the attention of Autodelta’s design and engineering team has been on working through the rapidly-growing order book for the new 340bhp Autodelta Brera J5 3.2 C, as well as finalizing bespoke high-performance versions of the 159, 159 Sportwagon and Spider to be added to the range this year.

And although it has slipped somewhat from the public’s attention, the stylish Alfa GT Coupé continues to find a niche market, buyers continuing to be seduced by its excellent chassis, gorgeous Bertone-styled looks, and of course the availability of the classic Alfa 3.2 “V6” engine. Autodelta introduced its exclusive, bespoke version of the Alfa GT, the Autodelta GT 3.2 Super, at the MPH04 Motor Show in December 2004, before exactly a year later at MPH05, it introduced a new, more extreme version that pushed the performance and dynamic envelope out even further. This model, the awesome Autodelta GT 3.2 Super Evo, has proved to be hugely popular with customers with a steady stream of orders being fulfilled over the last year-and-a-half.

The 320bhp Autodelta GT Super had featured a bespoke Rotrex C30-94 supercharger utilised through a compact cooling and lubrication system developed by the firm’s talented engineers for the Alfa GT, along with chassis, suspension, transmission, electronics, braking and aerodynamic upgrades. The new Autodelta GT Super Evo then pushed the performance envelope out even further, offering increased levels of torque (287 lb/ft at 4800 rpm) and more power (341bhp at 6,450rpm) through the incorporation of a larger intercooler and higher-flow injectors, with boost raised from 0.45 to 0.55 bar, and utilising an evolutionary engine re-mapping programme. The 0-60 mph time was shaved to 5.2 seconds, while the main change apparent to the driver was in the substantial improvement in mid- and high-range acceleration as well as a more noticeable (and louder) sound emitted by the revised exhaust system, which was created specially for this “Evo” model in close conjunction with Autodelta’s exhaust development partner, Ragazzon.

While a growing number of Autodelta GT Super Evo models have since been built at the firm’s London HQ and by its authorized dealers worldwide, a customer in the United Arab Emirates recently approached Autodelta to convert his Alfa GT Coupé to full Evo specification. With a growing demand for Autodelta products in the Gulf region, Autodelta is currently putting a localized distribution network together, but for this project specially commissioned by Walid Shihabi and his brother Wissam – the first fully bespoke model programme to be carried out in the UAE - factory Autodelta engineers were to be dispatched to carry out the conversion using the excellent facilities of Gargash Motors LLC, the country’s official Alfa Romeo importer and distributor.

“Walid and I recently decided to upgrade our 3.2-litre Alfa Romeo GT Coupé to a supercharged version; and we chose Autodelta for their huge experience both with supercharging and with tuning Alfa Romeos,” says Wissam. “Getting the maximum performance possible out of the Alfa GT – without considering any compromises - was our main objective; any other issues were regarded as secondary.

”We flew to London just before Christmas to test-drive an Autodelta GT 3.2 Super Evo demonstrator and we ordered the conversion on the spot,” he adds.

Autodelta air-freighted all the parts required for the conversion to the UAE last month, including the new body panels, and its engineers flew over to Dubai shortly afterwards to carry out the conversion. The Autodelta team was pleased to use the workshops of Gargash Motors LLC to carry out the conversion.

”It was an amazing decision,” adds Wissam, “because the outcome was a car that we both really love. The GT’s drive was always one to enjoy but with the extra 100 bhp and the superbly aggressive noise the new exhaust system makes, Autodelta has managed to make the car into what it is really supposed to be, the type of car that totally speaks to you and says ‘please drive me to the limit’. We have also driven the car on the new Dubai race track several times, exploring its potential fully, and it has always been a fun experience with the car setting very fast times. In the UAE it is often difficult for a car to stand out as there are many distinctive and expensive, luxury and supercars on the road – but the Autodelta GT Super Evo always captures attention wherever it goes.”

Cobb B9 Tribeca

COBB's tuning program for the B9 Tribeca focused on the areas lacking compared to other vehicles in its class. Individually, the primary areas identified were Power, Control and Styling. The goal was to improve the vehicle in these areas without distracting from its original character or diminishing areas where it is already superior.


To improve power, COBB set out to develop a highly efficient and quiet supercharger system. Utilizing a Rotrex compressor, COBB's engineering team set out to develop a system that would improve the vehicle's engine performance throughout its entire power band without negatively effecting engine reliability, NHV, or drive ability. To do so, a sophisticated mounting system was designed that allows retention of all the factory pulleys and reduces any harmonics that might create vibrations under certain operating conditions. To allow for sustained periods of boost, as experienced when towing or climbing mountain grades, an air-to-air intercooler was incorporated in a side-mounted position to further cool the incoming charge air. For the effort, COBB has been able to extract 320 HP and 270 lb-ft of torque from the Subaru 3.0L flat-6 engine.

Tieing the system together, custom ECU programming was developed that can easily be installed using COBB's AccessPORT hand held programmer. The AccessPORT stores multiple ECU programs which provides the installer or end-user the ability to calibrate their engine computer for different fuel octanes or modes of operation; such as towing, high performance, fuel economy, and valet modes. OEM-like driveability is achieved through COBB's unique ability to fully control the factory engine control system.

COBB's signature cat-back exhaust system finishes out the Power upgrades and gives the driver an auditory connection with the engine. The exhaust note is deep and sporty while remaining tastefully mellow.


To maintain road handling due to the added power, the Supercharged B9 Tribeca is upgraded with a Sports Tuned suspension which lowers the vehicle by approximately 60mm (2.36") giving it a more aggressive, purposeful stance and reduced body roll while still maintaining excellent ground clearance. To haul down the 4000+ lb Tribeca from speed, large 4-piston aluminum calipers are installed up front over 332mm x 32mm (13" x 1.25") slotted and vented 2-piece rotors. Translating all this to the pavement, COBB selected the new Yokohama Advan S.T. performance tires to wrap the 20 x 9" Bronze Advan Connoisseur wheels.


Carrying over the airplane theme which is said to have inspired Subaru's new look front end, COBB stylist took inspiration from older Soviet MiG fighter planes which featured an large air inlet for a front nose. Black mesh is set back in the grill to give the impression of an center inlet with wings flanking each side. Subtle modifications were also made to the headlights to give them more of a projector style and soften some of the heavy chrome used up front. Smoothing out the body lines, COBB also deleted the roof rails, which can be easily re-attached as needed. The ultimate goal to significantly improve the vehicle's styling through very subtle touches.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

VW Passat 3C 2.0 TFSI

From 240hp via 250, 286 and finally up to incredible 300hp we are offering consecutive power enhancement levels that catapult the sedan and variant to 100 km per hour in less than 6 seconds and endow your car with a max speed of 260 km per hour.

To achieve these performance levels, our technicians replace the stock turbocharger with our larger B&B version and apply extensive changes to the charge air cooling system, the injection system, air induction system, engine control. To keep exhaust gas temperatures down and further reduce exhaust gas back pressure, the Sport Passat is equipped with a special exhaust system with a larger downpipe and high-performance racing catalysts.

For the VW Passat 3C with the 2.0 TDI engine and 140hp/320Nm or 170hp/350Nm B&B is offering electronic power enhancements up to 174hp/390Nm and 200hp/400Nm, respectively. Exclusive wheels in 18“ & 19“ dimensions as well as dynamic and muscular body-styling components nicely round off the exterior finish of this high-class, state-of-the-art automobile

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ART Mercedes Benz CLS 350 GTR 374

The new super sports car from ART for the European market on the basis CLS 350 is ready for take off. It covers all wishes concerning a hotblooded sports car of formidable performance and subtle, elegant design in coupé manner. Unique star that leaves nothing to be desired.

The developers from ART in Nuremberg, Germany succeeded in launching the GTR 374 into the segment of top-class sports cars for the European market. Comprehensive, tightly focussed upgrades transformed the basis CLS 350 into a meaty sports tool with brilliant performance. At the same time its appearance displays an air of diplomatic elegance, without drifting into the harsh design lines of its class competitors.

A shift into a higher level for the 4-door CLS coupé from Mercedes-Benz concerning performance, exterior and interior. During the MotorShow Essen in December 2006 the refined sports vehicle as shown above has its first introduction to the public. During 3 month extended roadshow the vehicle will be presented on the premises of the most successful Mercedes-Benz dealers in germany.

The vehicle can be ordered with immediate effect at ART. For information on prices, further details and equipment possibilities ART can be contacted directly. Furthermore, the modification of new or used CLS delivered to ART is also possible. Subject to changes.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

AC Schnitzer S6 Sport

Where "rebirth" of the BMW 6-series awakened deep emotions, the new BMW M6 is the embodiment of ultimate driving machine. The concept of combining two excellent cars in one model has already been successfully implemented by the BMW engineers in the M5. Now it's a question of adapting this new design line for the BMW M6.

To give the M6 a more powerful voice and at the same time optimise the response behaviour and gas throughput, the new fully stainless steel rear silencer system "Sports Trim" has been adapted accordingly for the M6.

The next step facing the engineers was to improve the driving dynamics. Thanks to a suspension spring kit which lowers the M6 by around 25 mm and hence lowers the centre of gravity - above all in conjunction with the front axle strut brace of aluminium and the special antiroll bar kit - perceptibly higher cornering speeds are possible.

Furthermore the M6 is fitted with racing rims and alloy wheels in various designs and sizes. As one-piece monoblock variants, Type III and Type IV wheels are available in sizes 8.5J x 19" and 9.5J x 19". Even more exclusive are the racing rims Type III and Type IV, which have been tested in 19" through 20" and in the top version even up to size 9.0J or 10.0J x 21".

The absolute highlight in the wheel range is the new "Forged Wheel". This alloy forged wheel with bicolour finish - i.e. partly polished, partly painted surface - achieves what appears contradictory in principle:

Reduction in weight with simultaneously maximum wheel diameters and widths. Our engineers and designers achieve this masterpiece with the "Forged Wheel", the design of which remains totally unique. The "Forged Wheel" is available for the BMW M6 in sizes 9.0J x 20" and 10.0J x 20" and is fitted with tyres sizes 245/35 R 20 on the front and 285/30 R 20 on the rear.The weight of the front wheel is just approx. 10 kg and the rear wheel 10.8 kg.

The high quality aerodynamic concept of the ACS5 Sport, apart from the rear roof spoiler, was also adapted for the ACS6 Sport. It consists of carbon front flippers which as an option can be linked to the front spoiler via an aluminium strut braces. The front is finished with the new chrome front grille which gives the BMW M6 a retro look and at the same time provides the high air requirements of the BMW V10 power plant.

The vehicle rear is enhanced with the one-piece rear spoiler and a carbon rear diffusor integrated into the rear. In combination, all aerodynamic aids ensure increased downforce on the BMW M6 to give a perceptibly more stable vehicle.

For the inside, a carbon interior is available in titanium "Exclusive", a 3-spoke sports airbag steering wheel or velours foot mats, together with the characteristic aluminium pedals and foot rests or the handbrake handle.

The new development of an aluminium cover for the controller of the BMW"i-Drive system" in the style of the Type IV wheel provides the finishing touch.

Aston Martin V8 Vantage Nurburgring 24

At an exclusive Aston Martin track day for V8 Vantage N24 customers held at the Nordschleife on 24 April, Aston Martin announced exciting plans for this year's ADAC 24-hour Nürburgring endurance race, to be held over 9 -10 June.

Following last year's success with a near production standard V8 Vantage, the Aston Martin team will be returning to the gruelling German circuit with an added presence, forming one half of an epic week of endurance racing for the marque.

Aston Martin Chief Executive Officer, Dr Ulrich Bez, said: "Aston Martin has always been associated with endurance racing and June will be a very exciting month starting with the Nürburgring 24-hour race followed by Le Mans a week later.

"Our motorsport strategy has always been to get many Aston Martins competing in races all over the world and this week in June will see that plan further realised."

Aston Martin will enter two N24 cars at the Nürburgring, which will be joined by a customer N24 team and a specially developed DBRS9, run by Phoenix Racing and Aston Martin Austria.

Head of Product Communications and Motorsport, David King commented: "Achieving 24th position from 220 entrants with a near standard car at the Nürburgring last year was a great way to demonstrate the capabilities of the V8 Vantage. This year we are delighted to offer our customers the opportunity to join us in the race."

Dirk Theimann, Team Manager Phoenix Racing said: "This race combines an electric atmosphere with probably the most demanding circuit in the world – there's nothing like it. The DBRS9 will add glamour and excitement for the spectators."

The DBRS9 will feature a vastly experienced driver line-up comprising three times
Le Mans winner Klaus Ludwig (Germany), Marcel Fässler (Switzerland), Robert Lechner (Austria) and Sascha Bert (Germany).

Aston Martin's own N24 Vantage will once again be piloted by Dr Ulrich Bez, Chris Porritt (Aston Martin Vehicle Dynamics Manager), Wolfgang Schuhbauer (Aston Martin Development Engineer) and Horst von Saurma (Editor of Sport Auto) and this year will feature Aston Martin's new Sportshift transmission, which was launched as an option on V8 Vantage earlier this year.

"Sportshift will lend itself perfectly to the driving conditions of the Nordschleife - with over 60 gear changes per lap – it will provide for faster shifts with less effort required by the driver," said Chris Porritt.

The Vantage N24 is based on a standard European specification production V8 Vantage, with modifications undertaken to prepare the car for the competitive racing environment. The car is fastidiously hand built in a dedicated facility within Aston Martin's Gaydon headquarters. Prices start at £78,720 plus local taxes and delivery.

The Aston Martin Racing DBRS9 is currently starring in the FIA GT3 series and several national GT championships. The DBRS9 is based on the DB9 road car, but shares many design features with the full GT1 specification DBR9. The DBRS9 starts at £175,000 plus options and taxes and is built to order at Aston Martin Racing's headquarters in Banbury, UK.

ABT Audi TT Abt TT-Sport VR6

In direct comparison the little brother of the Abt TT-R might not seem to be as spectacular as the 355-HP-racer but on the roads there is hardly a match. The Abt technicians have boosted the power of the established 2.0 Turbo FSI engine with up to an additional 100 HP. The most powerful version now performs mighty 300 HP (221 kW) and the Abt TT-Sport sprints to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds and shows a top speed of 256 km/h. The two-litre Turbo is also available with 270 HP or with the innovative, environment-friendly and fuel-saving iS-technology which brings about 240 HP (177 kW). The strongest motorization of the Abt TT-Sport is the VR6 3.2 with supercharger performing 310 HP (228 kW). In all versions the Coupé is extremely powerful and a sports car of the special kind as the basic beautiful design of the TT has been given the perfect touch. Abt Sportsline has developed special body styling parts that make the TT-Sport a real eye-catcher communicating power and dynamics. The lateral add-on parts continue the dynamical body language and create a harmonious transition to the extravagant rear with rear skirt inset and rear wing. In contrast to the filigree serial part, the Abt rear wing cannot be folded but is a part which is firmly integrated in the hatchback. The result is not only a racier design; it also brings about more downforce. The double twin-pip rear muffler is the finishing tough that harmonizes perfectly with the black rear skirt inset and diffuser. The area around the fog lights and single-frame grill is highlighted by the front skirt, giving the Abt TT-Sport a more aggressive and marked face. To round off the striking overall design, Abt Sportsline recommends the wheel models AR20 and SP1 in 20 inch or 19 inch as well as tyres sized 255/30 R20 and 255/35 R19.

Alpina B3 Biturbo

In ALPINA’s more than 40-year history of manufacturing automobiles, turbo-charged engines have consistently set enduring accents. Launched in 1989, the BMW ALPINA B10 Bi-Turbo is just one example of the cult status some of these automobiles achieved. In fact, ALPINA’s turbo-charging history began in 1978, based on the 5 Series and 6 Series of the day (E12 & E28 and E24). The new BMW ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo continues this tradition for the first time on the basis of the BMW 3 Series with its world premiere at the 2007 Geneva Salon d’Automobile.

The heart of the B3 Bi-Turbo offers 265 kW (360 hp) at 5,500 - 6,000 revolutions per minute, as well as maximum torque of 500 Nm from 3,800 - 5,000 rpm. The B3 Bi-Turbo’s engine has a sporty engine’s willingness to rev to 7,000 rpm. Equally as present but usually reserved for diesel engines, there is vigorous torque from 1,500 rpm onwards. The result: a powerband broader than ever before experienced, guaranteeing both sporty and bullish driving dynamics.

Technically, this is all made possible due to the exceptional BMW base engine with injectors centrally located over the pistons – the state-of-the-art in direct injection technology. For more than a year, ALPINA engineers researched, developed and tested, both on the engine test bench and on the road. Ever refining the ALPINA engine map to leverage all the advantages offered by modern direct injection, the potential inherent in the BMW foundation was maximised. The use of extremely durable MAHLE pistons allows for a maximum boost of 1.1 bar with a 9.4:1 compression ratio. The result, peak specific values of 89 kW (121 hp) per litre and a maximum average pressure of 21 bar.

The allure of the new BMW ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo is found in its V8 like performance, but with the advantages of a much lighter and noticeably thriftier 3.0-litre straight-six, a six with an aluminium block and twin-turbo charging. The smooth-running nature inherent in this engine concept is even more prominent when the engine is charged.

The BMW ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo embodies pure driving enjoyment – whether cruising along or enjoying all 7,000 revs in each gear. The reason for the spontaneous responsiveness of the B3 Bi-Turbo is the ZF 6-speed sport automatic transmission with its very short shift sequences, which smoothly processes the power through the drivetrain without any uncomfortable interruption of forward momentum. The driver may also choose to shift manually at the wheel using SWITCH-TRONIC, which contributes in no small part to both the awe-inspiring performance numbers and the ability to save fuel in top gear. Frugality and driving excitement are therefore not contradictory in the B3 Bi-Turbo. Driven by high torque means using sixth gear on the Autobahn is more than sufficient in almost all situations.

The engine’s kick surprises even those in the know: 0-100 km/h in 4,9 seconds and thrust-like acceleration that keeps pulling all the way up to a top speed of 285 km/h. Indulgence without remorse: in spite of its stellar performance, the new BMW ALPINA B3 Bi-Turbo achieves excellent fuel economy in relation to its competitors. One of the B3 Bi-Turbo’s features that literally stands out are the four exhaust tips, with their catalytic converters contributing significantly to the achieving of low Euro4 emissions standards.

Immediately noticeable is the B3 Bi-Turbo’s light-footed, extremely agile handling. The secret lies in an ideal 50/50 weight balance between front and rear axles in combination with a ALPINA’s neutral and supple suspension. Augmenting this agility are light-weight 18” ALPINA CLASSIC wheels shod with conventional MICHELIN tyres, 225/40 ZR18 front and 255/35 ZR18 rear, with a conscious choice having been made not to use heavy Run-Flat tyres. 19” wheels offer an even higher level of potential lateral acceleration – in either DYNAMIC or CLASSIC design.

Friday, April 27, 2007

AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version

After just 11 months of development and testing, we now present: the AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version.

Naturally the "small brother" could not be a 1 : 1 copy of the TENSION concept car, which is a technology showcase and demonstrates what is technically feasible. In contrast, the TENSION Street Version had to incorporate suitability for everyday use with no loss of driving pleasure or reliability.

The focal point of the development work was adaptation of the breathtaking, costly aerodynamic conversion for series production.

Into the bonnet large air outlet edged in a chrome frame have been fitted so that the ventilation of the power plant is actively supported by sufficient cooling air flow.

Also the front skirt of the TENSION technology showcase has been completely adapted. It improves downforce on the front axle at high speeds. The air intake provides additional cooling for the engine and the front brakes. To provide sufficient ventilation for the power plant, the new front wing has integral air outlet openings which with their three chrome ribs and the indicators are reminiscent of a shark's mouth.

Consequently, air ducts have been worked into the side skirts to improve the cooling of the rear brakes.

The rear skirt houses not just the solid stainless steel twin exhaust system with chromed Sports Trim tailpipes but also a carbon diffuser. Another highlight at the rear is the boot lid which was originally reserved for the TENSION. But its modified styling gives the rear of the BMW 6-series the "Finishing Touch", so the new boot lid is now a firm part of the Street Version conversion. The bodystyling is completed by the sports mirrors and the extravagant two-colour paintwork.

Furthermore the TENSION Street Version is equipped with the latest wheel generation, the lightweight forged wheels Type V. On the front axle we use wheels in the size 9.0J x 20" and on the rear 10.0J x 20" and each front wheel weighs in at just approx. 10.8 kg!

The tyres to fit the wheels are size 245/35 ZR 20 on the front and 285/30 ZR 20 on the rear.

In conjunction with the wheel and tyre combination, a sports suspension has been developed which lowers the vehicle by around 25 - 30 mm. For the M6, a suspension spring kit is available.

Furthermore antiroll bar sets and strut braces can be fitted.

Depending on the basic model the TENSION Street Version can be equipped with the 5.1 l engine which can be used for all 6 series with N62 B44 oder N62 B48 TU engine.

Whereas the basic engine gives maximum torques of 450 or 490 Nm, the 5.1 l engine achieves 550 Nm. Naturally the performance has been optimised. It rises from 245 kW (333 HP) or 270 kW (367 HP) to a superb 302 kW (411 HP). At the same time, driving performance is enhanced. The top speed rises on average by around 35 km/h.

To achieve excellent deceleration figures we offer a high performance brake system for the M6. At the front axle, an 8-pot fixed caliper with perforated, vented brake discs and special pads ensures braking with ruthless efficiency.

The interior also has been modified: Starting with the carbon interior trim in titanium via the 3-spoke sports steering wheel in leather with carbon, the automatic selector lever in carbon, the new speedometer with a speed display up to 320 or 330 km/h, through to velours mats for footwell and boot with red embroidered logo.

The overall impression is completed with silver or black anodized aluminium accessories and the silver serial number on the black anodized aluminium placard on the centre console.

The AC Schnitzer TENSION Street Version is available in various levels. The conversion work is performed exclusively in Aachen, the USA and Japan.

BMW M3 AC Schnitzer S3 265 HP

The BMW 3-series coupé was only launched recently and already we offer a sports program for the latest member of the 3-series family. As for all current BMW models with 3.0d engine, we will shortly be offering a diesel performance upgrade for the 3-series coupé.

An additional control module provides 195 kW / 265 HP and a maximum torque of 550 Nm, so acceleration from 0 - 100 km/h takes just 6.1 instead of 6.6 seconds. In order to provide performance upgrades for the 335d and 335i with the new Twin Turbo technology, totally new developments are required. These are currently in the first stages of the test phase.

Despite the increase in power, the excellent driving behaviour, moderate fuel consumption and superb stability remain unchanged with both performance upgrades. Even without engine tuning, we recommend fitting the sports rear silencer which - depending on base model - is available as a single system or in right-left combination. For a purely aesthetic conversion, tailpipe trims are also available "solo" for some models. Our bodystyling components for the 3-series coupé stand out not only because of their sporting new design line, but also because of the perfect fit and ease of painting that are the result of the use of high quality PU-Rim. The new 3-series coupé has a strikingly contoured front spoiler that not only enhances the appearance with its sporting elegant design - at the same time it increases downforce on the front axle. For the rear axle, the aerodynamic highlights of a rear roof spoiler, a one-piece rear wing and a rear skirt with stylised diffuser profile are now in development. Another development for the coupé is the side skirts which give the side lines a more striking and elongated appearance. Optionally the side skirts can be highlighted with a chrome line set. The wheelarches of the 3-series coupé provide space for the Type II, Type III and Type IV alloy and racing rims from 18 to 20" diameter.

The suspension components have been specially set up for the use of the wheel and tyre combinations. Depending on personal preference, the owner of a 3-series coupé of model range E92 can choose between pure suspension springs and a complete, performance-comfort set sports suspension which lowers the BMW by around 25 mm. The suspension concept developed in extensive tests on the North Loop of the Nürburgring also includes the AC Schnitzer sports antiroll bars for the rear axle and aluminium strut braces for front and rear. For the interior of the coupé, an extensive range of high-quality accessories is available.

For example, the cockpit can be enhanced with an ergonomically designed airbag steering wheel. There is also a carbon steering wheel trim in silver Exclusive. Another highlight in the interior is the AC Schnitzer combi instrument with speedometer display up to 300 km/h. Footrests and pedals of aluminium create a more exclusive atmosphere in the cockpit together with the carbon interior trim in silver Exclusive. The aluminium gear knob, handbrake handle and cover for the BMW "i-Drive System" are available in silver or black anodized finish. Velours foot mats complete the range.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Chinese Audi A6L Mobile Film Theatre

Audi will be unveiling an innovative entertainment system for rear-seat passengers in the A6L at the Shanghai Auto Show (20 – 27 April 2007). Two 10.2-inch monitors are fitted on the backs of the front seats. The DVD player integrated in the centre armrest also includes connections for a games console, iPod and digital camera. Together with the TV tuner, the system transforms the luxury-class saloon into a mobile film theatre. Sound can be relayed via either the on-board speakers or headphones.

The system is available in the A6L, the long-wheelbase version of the Audi A6. It is built exclusively for the Chinese market and is frequently used as a chauffeur-driven saloon. Since its launch in 2005, the Audi A6L has set the standard among its competitors in terms of ride comfort and luxury, spaciousness and design. The chassis, designed specifically for the road conditions in China, offers outstanding suspension comfort, particularly in conjunction with adaptive air suspension, which is optional.

With a wheelbase that is ten centimetres longer than that of the A6 saloon, the A6L is unique. This extended wheelbase benefits rear-seat passengers, who can enjoy legroom that is exemplary in this vehicle segment.

Not least the range of equipment available for the Audi A6L demonstrates this model’s right to the claim “Vorsprung durch Technik”. The MMI operating concept enables straightforward operation of a wide array of functions such as a telephone and audio and navigation systems, not to mention a wealth of vehicle settings. Comfort features and standard equipment also cater for every possible demand.
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